Rental of electric mountain bikes

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Our guests are unstoppable!

This summer we have started offering guests a new service, electric mountain bikes, so that they can embark on medium and long routes without fear of the physical effort required to do the same thing on a mountain bike. The company Ebike by Vialki , from Vitoria, gave us the idea and we have been delighted to collaborate with them.

Ebike brings the bikes to the door when guests need them and after reading and accepting a contract, they can then go out on them and enjoy the route they have chosen.

The rental price varies depending on the type of bicycle chosen:

  • Rebel Plus Lynx 27.5 (Yamaha PW-X engine and 100 km of autonomy)
  • Rebel Lite 29 (the one in the photo, with up to 80 km of autonomy)
  • EVO Eco (more suitable for road use)
  • EASY Go (for children)

We also provide a helmets, backpacks and bike locks along with each bicycle.

All the bicycles have been manufactured by the Basque company BH and they promise to take you wherever your feet want to go.

The bikes are fully insured and the minimum age for use is 14 years. Adolescents under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The use of the helmet is mandatory and in the event of an accident, if it is not worn, what happens will be the sole responsibility of the user.

Each bicycle also includes a puncture and light repair kit.

In Caserío Montehermoso we propose routes that we have done before on foot or by bike, so we can inform our guests about the details of the routes and difficulty levels.

An ecological means of transport

We support this service because it falls within our ecofriendly. philosophy. It is a means of transport that does not pollute the environment and encourages many people to have direct contact with nature and do physical exercise. The bicycle does not move by itself; it helps you to pedal comfortably and depending on the programme you choose you can make more or less effort.

The motor stops when you stop pedalling or when you brake.

Of course, the traditional bicycle, the one that is powered by you, is the most ecological as it does not have batteries and does not need electricity.

However, if we can encourage more guests to move around on two wheels rather than four, we will be satisfied as we want to attract ecotourists to Valdegovía/Gaubea. We are surrounded by natural beauty and we want to preserve this treasure.

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