No detail is left to chance and everything has a meaning, even if it is not obvious at first glance. The three lodgings reflect a way of living and feeling. The renovation of the building has been guided by a deep respect for its origins and the environment. The original materials, now converted into the essence of the farmhouse, transmit warmth and comfort in an environment that invites peace and tranquillity. Simplicity adorns spaces that seem born for this purpose and silence accompanies authentic moments of Ichigo-Ichie, to be discovered like a beautiful treasure which is savoured with all the senses.


Pagoa Apartment

Accommodation for up to 4 people in an apartment of 50 m2, with a wood-burning fireplace, a garden with a Balinese hammock and a terrace covered by a pergola.


Gorosti Studio

Accommodation for a maximum of 2 people in a 25 m2 studio, adapted for people with dis-abilities, with a wood-burning fireplace and garden.


Artea Studio

Accommodation for a maximum of 2 people in a 25 m2 studio, with a hot tub, wood-burning fireplace, garden, outdoor furniture and an outdoor fireplace.

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