We are a sustainable and responsible tourism project, so our efforts are aimed at guaranteeing you safe vacations and getaways.

We apply protocols designed for your well-being and comfort, and we follow the recommendations of the health authorities (we are a Safe Accommodation recognized by the Ministry of Tourism).

We have also adhered to the Rusticae Commitment, which subscribes that our spaces are responsible and guarantee the healthiness of all people.

In addition, the fact that we are located in a natural enclave with very low population density, helps much more to the safety of our activity.

In our bucolic house live 7 neighbors and our rural complex consists of 3 apartments, each with private garden and outdoor terrace for private and exclusive use, so everything is designed so that you can enjoy your rest with the greatest guarantee of security.

The ecological Spas in the gardens are also not shared and there are no common spaces, except for a garden in the Montehermoso Farmhouse which is used to practice yoga outdoors in summer.

This uniqueness of ours is an aspect that assures you a happy and safe stay. We are 3 and a half hours from Madrid and to get to our rural complex you need to use a private vehicle.

From your apartment or studio you can make mountain routes and breathe clean and pure air with almost no contact with other people. Even in the middle of August you will have the privilege of walking and enjoying nature practically alone. It is a luxury that only a few places in the world enjoy.

On the other hand, we ask you to help us to remain a safe accommodation and not to delay your check-out time beyond 11.30 am to ensure the best possible ventilation of the apartments while we give time to the cleaning company to comply with the cleaning and disinfection protocol.

For the same reason, it will not be possible for you to enter your accommodation before 4:00 pm.

We also invite you to check in online and to read our emails prior to your arrival, as we will provide you with personalized tourist information and suggestions of plans and restaurants in the area, so that you don’t leave any paper brochure in your accommodation.

In addition, and so that you don’t have to worry about what might happen in the future, we have made our cancellation policy as flexible as possible. You can request more information via email ( and we will be happy to explain the details.

Happy travels! A true Slow Paradise awaits you!

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