Forest bathing

Living a fast-paced lifestyle speed and surrounded by concrete increases anxiety and causes many symptoms that are the opposite of the physical and mental well-being that we all want.

Our complex is surrounded by sustainable forests and we have a beech forest very close by, ideal for the practice of “forest bathing”. In Japan this is known as shinrin-yoku, an activity that, according to recent research, has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety while improving mood and is the basis for a profound shift towards a much more balanced and harmonious life.

We organise trips to the beech forest near our complex and promote “forest bathing” with expert guides.


Yoga is an attitude towards life and everything that happens around us. We live according to karma yoga. Yoga is equanimity. Our work is focused on offering a quality service and unique lodging experiences. We remain calm whether we achieve what we have set out to do or not. We are aware that the result of our actions does not depend entirely on us, so we do things as best we can, and we enjoy the very fact that we are doing it with love and care. This makes us feel good every day and we believe this is transmitted to our guests.

We provide mats for practicing yoga outside, in contact with nature and occasionally we or-ganise outdoor classes led by teachers who understand our project and are committed to YOGA.


The most sublime moments come when the mind, body and soul merge to experience with all the senses what is happening at that point in time.
You may find it during a walk in the woods or simply when lying on the massage table. Our massage service has been designed to help you reconnect with your body and care for its needs.
We believe that there is no better way to end a unique and special stay than by giving yourself some precious time to enjoy the journey of sensations evoked by feeling totally calm.

Nordic Walking

Our valley, Valdegovía, has many routes where you can practice this walking technique, which works up to 90% of the muscles as well as reducing stress, improving heart function and strengthening the immune system.
Anyone can practice Nordic walking, but correct technique is essential.
Scientists in biomechanics and sports physiology have perfected the technique until they reach what they call ALFA, activating up to 90% of the muscles and achieving the numerous benefits mentioned above, as well as many more (it can delay the ageing process, relax tension in the neck and stimulate fat metabolism, etc).
With a teacher, this technique can be learned in about 4 or 5 classes.
At Caserío Montehermoso we give you instructions on how to practice this technique in a correct and beneficial way for your health. We also inform you of introductory Nordic walking trips that are organised close by.
Nordic Walking has its roots in Finland, but its practice knows no borders and the German Health Service subsidises courses because it considers it key to preventing heart disease and lung disorders. It is also recommended in various rehabilitation programmes.

Healthy cooking workshops

We teach our guests to prepare delicious healthy dishes. We introduce them to the use of vegetable proteins such as tofu, tempeh or seitan as well as seaweed, all of which are highly beneficial for health. We promote a healthy life, rich in flavours and without the need to use sugar, since its daily consumption and in large quantities causes chronic health problems, as recent research has shown.
The workshops are taught by Joana Molinuevo, the owner of Caserío Montehermoso, with extensive training in macrobiotic cuisine.

If you would like a cooking workshop in your apartment, please let us know two days in ad-vance so that we can prepare everything for you.

Casual gourmet dining

Ask about our casual dining selection and our dinners served in your apartment. We collabo-rate with a chef from the area who works with local seasonal produce and is a perfect example of Basque gastronomy with an avant-garde touch.

We accompany the dinners with Crianza / signature wines and local craft beers. We don’t want you to be missing anything. Well, maybe we do – that way you’ll return to repeat the experience! 🙂

Romantic getaways

Why not reserve a romantic getaway as a gift for someone you love? We are the best way to say something important to someone special  or to celebrate an unforgettable birthday or anniversary.
The best gifts those that are never forgotten and make you smile every time you think of them. We long to become part of your happy memories.

Compost making

Our guests help us fertilise our gardens and allotment with the compost we make from food scraps. Each apartment has a special small compost bin. The food waste is emptied into the bin and closed. Once it is full or the guests end their stay with us, we transfer it to a large compost bin which we use for the entire complex.

For those who are interested in knowing a little more about this simple gesture and want to continue doing so at home, we can give them a brief introduction to composting, which makes us even happier because we believe that the way to make positive changes for the planet is through small acts.

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