Forest bathing

Living a fast-paced lifestyle speed and surrounded by concrete increases anxiety and causes many symptoms that are the opposite of the physical and mental well-being that we all want.

Our complex is surrounded by sustainable forests and we have a beech forest very close by, ideal for the practice of “forest bathing”. In Japan this is known as shinrin-yoku, an activity that, according to recent research, has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety while improving mood and is the basis for a profound shift towards a much more balanced and harmonious life.

We organise trips to the beech forest near our complex and promote “forest bathing” with expert guides.

Wine Tasting

Experience with all your senses the qualities and rich nuances of a selection of Rioja Alavesa wines through the systematic tasting technique of the prestigious institution WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), which is renowned throughout the world for its wine and spirit courses. In this enotourism activity proposed by Caserío Montehermoso, you will “travel” through the exciting world of wine, not only discovering new aromas and flavours, but also learning how to determine the structure of a wine.


The most sublime moments come when the mind, body and soul merge to experience with all the senses what is happening at that point in time.
You may find it during a walk in the woods or simply when lying on the massage table. Our massage service has been designed to help you reconnect with your body and care for its needs.
We believe that there is no better way to end a unique and special stay than by giving yourself some precious time to enjoy the journey of sensations evoked by feeling totally calm.

Sensory Immersion in the Añana Salt Valley

Sustainable travel involves learning about the past and the traditions of the places you visit. For this reason we propose a wellness experience in the Añana Salt Valley, the first of the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) in Europe, recognised by the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This sensory immersion experience has been designed by our forest bathing guide and concludes with a salt tasting session, so you can discover why Añana salt has found its way into the kitchens of the most prestigious restaurants in the world .


The sensation of immersing yourself in warm spring water and “emptying” your mind while your body relaxes to infinity is priceless. Experiencing a wave of profound wellbeing is more than possible when you emulate an ancient ritual such as Japanese outdoor bathing.

The release of inner tensions brings relief to contracted muscles and helps to reach a new state of mind. While enjoying a sweet and serene bath, the release of toxins is activated and the skin is beautified. With your eyes closed, your sense of smell is sharpened and the aroma of natural wood transports you to a sauna or spa. This unique moment can be enjoyed privately and exclusively in the gardens of our three apartments.

Lunches and dinners in your apartment

Even though you have a fully equipped kitchen, we provide lunch and dinner room service with two options to choose from: a slow snack menu selected by us or an Origin Menu with a distinctly Basque flavour, created for you by the restaurant Los Canónigos.

This menu can be ordered in full or as individual dishes, and although it is based on traditional ingredients and recipes from the Basque Country, it has a very innovative twist, as each guest gives it their own final touch and prepares it following the advice of the chef himself, Paúl Hoyos (former head chef at the Martin Berasategui Restaurant), who explains everything in detail in a special audio-visual production. You will find these videos in your apartment.

We accompany our lunches and dinners with crianza/signature wines and km0 craft beers. We wouldn’t want you to be lacking anything. Well, perhaps the only thing lacking is time to come back and repeat the experience!🙂

Romantic getaways

Why not reserve a romantic getaway as a gift for someone you love? We are the best way to say something important to someone special  or to celebrate an unforgettable birthday or anniversary.
The best gifts those that are never forgotten and make you smile every time you think of them. We long to become part of your happy memories.

Visitable organic vegetable garden

Overlooking Astulez castle, our kitchen garden is where we grow our seasonal vegetables. Our guests help us to fertilise the gardens and vegetable patches with the compost we make from organic food waste. Each apartment has a special small compost bucket, which we collect periodically and pour into the compost bins close to the garden.

The vegetable garden is designed following French intensive gardening methods, which enables us to produce more using less space while optimising resources (such as water and fertilisers) without depleting the soil and without the need for synthetic chemical products. This makes us even happier because we believe that the way to make changes that benefit the planet is through small acts like these.

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