Our philosophy

If we had to explain with gestures, without the need for words, our way of approaching this project, it would be simple. We would gather our guests around the poplar table that domi-nates the family dining room, whose organic and natural shape always provokes wonder among first-time guests, and we would ask them to remain silent and attentive while a Japa-nese master conducts a tea ceremony.

They would surely experience a moment of involuntary mindfulness and be captivated by the harmony and beauty of each gesture throughout the ritual, in which the clink of glass cups and delicate enamelled ceramic bowls would keep them completely focused on the present moment, only fleetingly distracted by the many indecipherable aromas filling the air.

Although we cannot transport ourselves to a Japanese village, nor do we have a Japanese tea master to receive our guests, we are guided by the “Ichigo-ichie” concept, which defines the attitude and beauty that stems from an ancient ritual such as the tea ceremony.

Just as the sixteenth-century Japanese conceived an entire ritual around tea to create a unique occasion, we strive to create spaces that inspire calm and invite guests to savour every moment with all their senses, aware that this moment will not be repeated.

We use all our senses to make the experience of staying in our rural complex a balm for the soul.

Of course, we recognise that the most unforgettable moments are those that occur without our intervention and although they may seem irrelevant, they are true moments of “Ichigo-ichie”, like the song of playful swallows announcing a new day every morning or the delicate spectacle that occurs every time there is a light breeze in the garden which makes the elm leaves dance. We must confess that this passion for details is sometimes lost on us, so we trust in its magic to make everything flow.

However, although we are aware that we cannot surpass the beauty of a mighty tree rooted in its own laws, we try to gather the necessary ingredients for each person who decides to return to nature to connect with their own inner self.

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