Our story

“Everyone should have a beautiful place to return to”

After travelling around many countries and spending years wondering where I would like to settle, I found my paradise very close by, in a corner of the southwest Basque Country, sur-rounded by forests that exist in perfect ecological harmony.

My name is Joana Molinuevo and most of my professional life has been dedicated to journal-ism.

As a journalist at the news agency EFE, I got used to writing very quickly about many topics.

But that did not fit with my slow spirit and after 40 years I decided that there was still time to try other fields. Nature began calling me like never before and I fell in love with Valde-govía/Gaubea, a Basque valley on the border with Burgos, where my father and many of his ancestors were born.

My decision to take the plunge and try to make one of my dreams come true was made under the shade of a majestic walnut tree that greets me every morning when I open the window.

Until a few years ago, I did not see that walnut tree even though it was right in front of me.

When my guests began to arrive in the middle of July that year, I found that they also admired what I thought was a gem. It was then that realised I hadn’t completely lost my mind.

And receiving each guest became more than just a new profession for me.

Concentrating solely on the economic side of the project seemed insufficient to me. So, I continued to shape my dreams and started wanting to know more about sustainable “eco-friendly” tourism.

Currently, the project does not advance without first assessing how each new decision influ-ences the area’s precious natural resources in a positive way.

Since the beginning of 2019, Caserío Montehermoso has given its name to a set of unconven-tional rural apartments in which I do my best to further the happiness of travellers, especially those looking for a unique and memorable stay.

I carry the slow paradigm in my veins and I adore travellers who go off-script. Those who talk to the neighbours, are interested in their culture and behave like one of them. If you are looking for a sunny beach destination, a luxury resort and an all-inclusive holiday… Caserío Montehermoso is not for you.

We are here for those who flee from mass tourism and standardised, soulless accommodation. If you value good taste in decoration, personalised treatment, attention to detail everywhere and the smell of fresh homemade breakfast, we are what you are looking for.

Perhaps what draws you to us is the possibility of giving in to the contemplative life. Well, you will find it here. We have taken such good care of our interiors and gardens that you might not want to leave.

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