Shinrin Yoku: The “medicine” of the forest that you can discover at Caserío Montehermoso

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Contact with the forest and nature has numerous health benefits

Choosing Caserío Montehermoso to disconnect for a few days has a new attraction because from now on it will be possible to immerse yourself in the experience known as Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) without the need to form a sufficient group of people.

From this autumn, you will be able to experience the benefits of this activity, which originated in Japan, privately (with your partner) and with the help of a guide trained by the Forest Therapy Hub.

This commitment of Caserío Montehermoso to Forest Bathing reflects our dedication to Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism as well as to our eagerness to offer guests authentic wellness experiences. This activity, increasingly in demand and widespread in Europe, has proven health benefits in helping to reduce stress, improving sleep quality and increasing creativity.

During today’s walk in the vicinity of Caserío Montehermoso, Mikel González Ateka (guide) demonstrated to participants how they can discover nature with all their senses and experience the benefits of this practice.

Mikel compared the forest to “the best of museums” and invited the group to contemplate “one of the many works of art” that can be admired when you dive into nature with the aim of discovering and enjoying what is going on around you, however small and insignificant it may seem.

The participants in this Sunday’s Forest Bath, the last one of the summer, covered barely a kilometre from the starting point until the end of the experience, but they all agreed there had been a significant change in how they perceived their environment, and they bid farewell to their guide with feelings of serenity, gratitude, awareness and a sense of having extracted from the forest lessons of wisdom that they would take home with them.





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